How to Use AIBox to Generate Stunning Images

AIBox is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate stunning images. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of using AIBox to generate beautiful images easily, like below.

Ancient boxes generated by AI

Step1: Use Midjourney/Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

The Midjourney Prompt Generator is designed to help you explore your creativity by generating prompts that inspire your imagination. You can use it to create an idea for your images or to come up with a concept that you can work on.

1. Start by logging into your AIBox account and navigating to the Midjourney Prompt Generator, or Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

2. Click on the “Generate” button to get started

3. The Midjourney Prompt Generator will display a series of prompts that you can use to inspire your creativity. Scroll through the prompts until you find one that appeals to you

4. Once you have found a prompt that you like, use it as inspiration for your image

Step2: Use Image Generator

The Image Generator is a powerful tool that uses AI to create stunning images. You can use it to turn your ideas into reality and bring your concepts to life

1. To get started, navigate to the Image Generator in your AIBox account, Stable Diffusion Image Generator – GPT AIBox

2. Choose the type of image that you want to create. You can choose from a wide range of options, such as landscapes, animals, people, and more

3. Once you have selected the type of image that you want to create, you can save it for future use